Great photo opportunities at a wedding usually only last for a second or two so you don’t get time to make many decisions when you’re trying to catch that perfect snap. If you can master these easy tips below, you’re on your way to that perfect wedding photo. Good luck! - Peter Crichton

Capturing the perfect photo

1. Turn on your flash

One of the biggest problems I hear from photographers is that their photos are too dark! The quickest and easiest way to remedy this is to turn on your flash. Even in bright sunlight the flash will even out unwanted shadows, give you a sharper image, and give you a better exposure which will look a lot better, especially when you print your canvas.

2. Fill the frame

Just before you press the shutter button, run your eye around the outer edges of the viewing frame and see if you have any wasted space. If so zoom in or walk in closer to the Bride & Groom. This will save cropping later and give you a higher quality image for printing.

3. Be Ready

Wedding Photography

You only have seconds to get that great shot. If you have to go into your camera bag, take off the lens cap, turn on the power etc the moment is gone. Have your camera in hand and ready and you will get all the best shots that everyone else misses.

4. Anticipate

Good photographers can actually anticipate that great shot coming and its not that hard to do. For example, the bride is walking up the isle with Dad, she’s anxious and nervous and looking at the ground, but you know she will look up to her Groom eventually….wait for that moment, then shoot.

Framing the Bride and Groom

5. Ask for the shot

If you are after a portrait style photo of the Bride & Groom get them both to look at your camera. Wait until the opportunity arrives, have your camera to your eye and ready to shoot…then yell out for them to look at you, then quickly take the shot. This will mean the difference between a happy snap and great wedding photo.

Good luck and happy shooting - Peter Crichton

The basic rule for selecting what size to print your canvas

choosing a canvas size

In my experience, people always choose a size that is too small.
The basic principle for choosing your canvas size is this...

If your image is a close up shot meaning 2 people, heads and shoulders only, then choose a canvas size of at least 45cm x 30cm canvas

If your image is 3/4 length (meaning from head to thighs) or Full length (meaning head to toe) then go with at least a 75cm by 50cm canvas

If your image is of a Bride & Groom off in the distance walking along a beach, forest, mountain top or some type of landscape then you will need a canvas size of at least 100cm x 50cm or 100cm x 75cm

If your image is a group of many people like a full family & friends shot or bridal party off in the distance shot, I'd recommend a canvas size of 135cm x 90cm

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About the Author

Peter Crichton

Peter Crichton studied his craft at the well respected "Photography Studies College of Melbourne". He established Peter Crichton Photography on the Gold Coast in 1996 and since has photographed over 1800 weddings. His approach is to create a romantic, natural non-posed style that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom. The quality of his photos have not only created many awards, but also a base of many happy and loyal customers.